Oh Lawd

2013-12-26 01:43:41 by LadySeraphina

So 2014 should be fun for my artwork. I am living with my dad now and there is like 0 stress. It feels so nice. I do have a semi full time job, but it just feels so good knowing I can quit it when I get tired of it and not have to worry about paying over 9000 bills. I'm probably gonna live with my dad until I can get into the military which requiers some hard work and dedication to get into shape.

Due to this stress free lifestyle my creative juices are flowing again. I'm not only writing but drawing. I will be uploading a lot more art tihs coming year and becoming more active. 

My art is getting better and I hope that I can get good enough to get scouted sometime.

Making some progress

2012-12-09 00:04:54 by LadySeraphina

Slowly but surely my life is calming down. Work is forcing me to take the rest of this month off so I'll have time to start seriously practicing on my work.

Drawing without references is really hard, but I have to start making my own poses or I'll never get anywhere. It's kind of hard drawing from your mind, and I feel as if the quality of my work took a step back because I'm having a difficult time imagining how I want my people to look.

More frustrating is that annoying thing called perspective. I want to start drawing different angles and shots but I just can't quite picture anything but head on. Even drawing someone turned slightly at an angle is hard. Ugh. I can't wait to go to college so I can take art classes. I regret not doing so in high school.

Making some progress


2012-11-23 17:39:01 by LadySeraphina

Seriously, I've been so freakin busy this past month.

I'm moving into an apartment, uprooting from one job to another, the excuses are endless. But, I haven't forgotten about newgrounds, so I went and drew something for you guys since it's been like a month since I started becoming active here.

I'm mildly satisfied with it, but I drew it on my computer which is something I wasn't going to do for my new style of artwork. But because I don't want to hook up my scanner until I move, I didn't have much of a choice.

I hope you guys enjoy it. If not, my body is ready for your unsightly comments. Teehee. :D

You can see the full image in my art portal. It's the only one so far. Derp.


I've been a member/lurker of newgrounds since 2009, not that that means anything. I've never made progress on any animation, and the progress I've made as far as drawing goes has come a long way, but not far enough.

To put it simply, I'm tired of trying to draw perfect animu styles. I just have a cartoonish look to my stuff(See deviant art, won't be uploading anything old on newgrounds) and I could spend another couple years trying to improve on it, but I have no interest in doing so since I'll never be able to please the weaboo masses because the style that is in now will be out by the time I perfect it.

So I'm going to start drawing more cartoon like intentionally. And when I say that I'm just giving myself an excuse to not get better at my art anymore and to suck continuously. My body is ready for your zero to two star ratings, newgrounds.

Well I might as well post something.