2012-11-23 17:39:01 by LadySeraphina

Seriously, I've been so freakin busy this past month.

I'm moving into an apartment, uprooting from one job to another, the excuses are endless. But, I haven't forgotten about newgrounds, so I went and drew something for you guys since it's been like a month since I started becoming active here.

I'm mildly satisfied with it, but I drew it on my computer which is something I wasn't going to do for my new style of artwork. But because I don't want to hook up my scanner until I move, I didn't have much of a choice.

I hope you guys enjoy it. If not, my body is ready for your unsightly comments. Teehee. :D

You can see the full image in my art portal. It's the only one so far. Derp.



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2012-11-25 15:05:43

why are you not scouted yet , you really need to draw more art at your free time , it's really awesome , and yeah will all feel the same , you need to go outside and fav fun

LadySeraphina responds:

I know.

Once everything settles down and I can unpack everything I'll be drawing more again and becoming more active on newgrounds.

All I do is write movie reviews like an idiot, haven't even touched the art portal yet. >_>


2012-11-27 04:43:34

Make boobs bigger please!

LadySeraphina responds:

I can't, then I start masturbating to my own drawing.