Entry #1

Well I might as well post something.

2012-10-29 14:44:22 by LadySeraphina

I've been a member/lurker of newgrounds since 2009, not that that means anything. I've never made progress on any animation, and the progress I've made as far as drawing goes has come a long way, but not far enough.

To put it simply, I'm tired of trying to draw perfect animu styles. I just have a cartoonish look to my stuff(See deviant art, won't be uploading anything old on newgrounds) and I could spend another couple years trying to improve on it, but I have no interest in doing so since I'll never be able to please the weaboo masses because the style that is in now will be out by the time I perfect it.

So I'm going to start drawing more cartoon like intentionally. And when I say that I'm just giving myself an excuse to not get better at my art anymore and to suck continuously. My body is ready for your zero to two star ratings, newgrounds.

Well I might as well post something.


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2012-11-04 00:57:52

Nice art you've got dere.
I will be looking forward to art on newgrounds.

Keep going forward!
Kdaza26 out.

LadySeraphina responds:

Thanks dear, I'm working on something uber awesome, promise. :3


2012-11-05 03:48:05

Hey There I'm Just Passing By And Yeah Also I Do Like Your Style !

LadySeraphina responds:

Hey thanks for the compliment, I can always use one of those to help me keep drawing. :)


2012-11-09 18:32:48

Wow that some pretty good art, you should make more. With this kind of stuff you will definitely get high ratings.