Making some progress

2012-12-09 00:04:54 by LadySeraphina

Slowly but surely my life is calming down. Work is forcing me to take the rest of this month off so I'll have time to start seriously practicing on my work.

Drawing without references is really hard, but I have to start making my own poses or I'll never get anywhere. It's kind of hard drawing from your mind, and I feel as if the quality of my work took a step back because I'm having a difficult time imagining how I want my people to look.

More frustrating is that annoying thing called perspective. I want to start drawing different angles and shots but I just can't quite picture anything but head on. Even drawing someone turned slightly at an angle is hard. Ugh. I can't wait to go to college so I can take art classes. I regret not doing so in high school.

Making some progress


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2012-12-10 01:43:10

HS art class... it might have helped, but almost everyone I know who went said it was a joke - depends on the teacher I guess.
Good luck in finding pictures to practice from... full body poses at weird angles? Maybe a clothing site?

LadySeraphina responds:

Well I went to one in Middle School and because that was a joke I didn't bother in High School. However, I could have learned some more things like shading. I'm self taught with shading and I am self conscious about it. Especially now that I'm not referencing images anymore.

Thank you for wishing me good luck.

Clothing sites have odd poses with angles?


2012-12-10 03:07:54

It seems likely the more expensive the clothes, the more kinky they might get with poses and angles (just guessing really). I'd just cherry pick body parts for reference, draw them and stick 'em together later maybe... if I were still drawing.
But shading? What I remember most, is that you can't do it from a fixed position - you gotta rotate the paper, to get the proper angle of attack on it.

(Updated ) LadySeraphina responds:

Interesting, I'll go look that up sometime.

Thanks for the advice, and for becoming a fan. :)


2013-01-10 12:44:16

hey bud


2013-01-24 22:01:47

You shouldn't regret it at all, trust me.

I'm in HS now, and as a senior, I'm just gonna say HS art teaches you the basics. It's not even how to draw, but like that perspective teaching where they teach you how to draw using a vanishing point. maybe some shading, but it's weird shading.

I have no choice BUT to go to art school. I'm going to NY :3


2013-12-10 07:08:51

Whoa, this post is a year and a day old! Hopefully some improvements taken place since then. I really like your new picture with the BF... but wonder if he will lol!

LadySeraphina responds:

He does.

I'm very selective of what I upload on newgrounds.